All New People

In 100 years there will be all new people. It’s an interesting idea to base a play off of and of course Zach Braff did it with wit and a heavy dose of the dark. His new play is captivating London and I got to see it tonight. Braff brought the same charm he had in Garden State and the play reminds my ALOT of the movie. I was also reminded of my favourite play of all time Three Days of Rain. Things are a bit manic, heart-breaking, honest and funny. Some jokes were unnecessarily explained, my writing teacher wouldn’t have let me get away with that, but over all I loved it and wish I could say I’d written it. Hehe. Braff came to the stagedoor and signed tickets and took photos (he gets a gold metal in the one handed picture taking as well) which always makes me feel better about a celeb (be nice to your fans people!). Also he signed pictured of JD (his character on Scrubs) but did warn the kid “It was three years ago. Get over it.” All in good fun and so true.


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