Covet: Beauty Boxes

I spent the day watching haul videos from people’s Voxbox’s and i must say I’m insanely jealous. They don’t do Voxbox in the UK and I can’t afford Birchbox or Juleep (although once I’m rich I’m subscring to those, Netflix, and about a dozen magazines! My mailbox with be overwhelmed). Usually my mailbox here is a bit sad but this month I got a good haul. Just opened my box from Laminate for this month’s issue. LOVE. I got it because of the Tom Lewis signed poster. Twenty quid for a signed print isn’t bad especially since i already paid 15 for his posters. Tom Lewis is a great British spraypaint/neons/graphic artist I stumbled upon in Spitafields. He’s having another little boutique ther ein June/July and there are some rumours of an upcoming show (I’ll post if I find any details or sneak in!) While his dark backgrounds with bright neon sign style ‘angels’ attracted me to his booth I immediatly had immense respect since he sold posters and cards of his work (you can even find pillows online COVET) for a reasonable price. I understand that artists must charge a healthy chunk for their art but its always disheartening when I can’t even show my love by buying a poster. I am a huge Takashi Murakami fan (so is Tom Lewis according to his Laminate spread) and it has taken me years to amass a collection of his stuff. Of course the originals are out of the question and his posters bottom out at around 5,000 but I did manage to get my hands on an estate sale Murakami/ Louis Vuitton purse and scarf for 50 USD and a stuffed Dokuro for 25 USD at the Brooklyn Museum show. Of course I would have bought more if I realized I’d have such a hard time ever finding ANYTHING by him again.
But back to the Laminate box, the magazine itself is awesome. Large glossy posters by Lewis and Nicoletta Ceccoli (her stuff is dreamy – with wide eyed girls that aren’t naked and don’t look like they’re about to pop out of the painting and kill you) . The biggest problem I’m having is I feel guilty taking the magazine apart to hang them all up, also some of the posters are back to back, that doesn’t really work now does it? The other stuff in the box was alright. I got the Tokidoki box and I’m a big fan but it was just a gelaskin (basically a sticker), a keychain, and a sticker. Plus a weird DVD that won’t work on my computer. Still, all I wanted was the Lewis print with siggy and I got that! Overall I’m really rather pleased!

My final bit of mail, although I had to ship this to my parents in the US instead of here to save $$$, was a SIGNED, FIRST EDITION, COLOUR PRINT, copy of Christopher Moore’s new book Sacre Bleu. This was purchased right after I swore off buying books until I had more money. It was $25 which is a small fortune for a book but I adore Moore (oh looky rhyme time) and it was a beautiful product. Those can be purchased from his websites. This is the danger of being Facebook friends with your idols, you spend money worshiping them.

Finally, after my unsuccessful search for a free UK beauty box I was jonesing for a bit of girly shop. One thing I use in abundance in the dry yet rainy climate is lotion and I’ve been looking for something for face and hair. This month’s Elle included a bottle of Neal’s Yard Rehydrating Rose daily moisture. It felt a bit greasy when I put it on but after a rub it left my skin feeling very soft. The smell isn’t overly rosey, which I was worried about – hate that smell. (collective gasp from all of England, I apologize). Then Glamour offered Percy & Reed finishing polish. Love it. I hate putting things in my hair but this sucks in my split ends and makes my stringy bits look fluffy and living. Zombie hair!

Both of my free products were a win this week and now I have magazines for my upcoming beach vacation. Just have to make it through two more papers and Portugal here we come!


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