Jonathan Taylor Thomas is Not Vintage

I have discovered something very disturbing happening lately in fashion magazines and the blogosphere, people are describing the 90s as vintage. When I first read this I felt old and horrified, then I realized I wasn’t old. I’m in my early 20s. (ok mid-twenties). Not that I don’t have an eternal love for all things 90s. Salt and Pepper are still on my Ipod, I refuse to accept Gwen Stefani as anything other than a member of No Doubt, and I think denim jackets should have patches on them. (A big Kool-aid man patch right on the front).

Thinking about it – anything where the wearer was alive the first time around can not be called vintage, and anything where the majority of the people who wore it the first time around are still alive can not be called an antique. I think its time the hipsters got together and made some rules here. Forget Webster’s we need the Hipster’s dictionary and thesaurus. The 80s and 90s may be making a comeback but we can not lump them into the vintage trend. Let’s just call it a re-possession of our youth. Long live the tweety bird overalls!


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