Covet: Romantic Accessories

I’m absolutely in love with this mirror from Hunkydoryhome! It’s out of my price range at £85 but with the little birds and foxes running around the edges I’d love to take it home, spray paint it cornflower blue, and pretend those little creatures were doing my hair in the morning like the princess I am. Ikea has given me a fun alternative with UNG DRILL frame (real fail on the name guys). It seems to be a perennial favorite on TV sets (I’ve seen it hiding in the background of at least 5 different character’s bedrooms) and I’ve seen it spray painted and converted into a mirror. At only $29.99 it’s a good deal, even if it does lack the cute woodland fauna. Try filling it with a small oval mirror and outlining that with a colorful collage of animals, cut from children’s books, for the same effect as its pricey brethren.

Woodland Mirror @ Hunkydoryhome                                           vs.                                                                   UNG DRILL Frame @ Ikea




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