Lazy and Broke DIY: Pedestal Sink Hide-away

I have a real inability to DIY. Every time I try I’m either too lazy to hem the entire dress or too broke to buy the right kind of glue. I prefer home repairs that require no shopping. Hence, my new coverlet for my pedestal sink. My apartment has pretty strict rules about making changes but before a recent party I decided the bathroom needed a bit more sprucing than the re-used college posters I’d tacked up. Finding an old Express beach wrap I’d gotten on sale for $5 and a roll of tape, I tacked up my little hide-away and I’d like to think it doesn’t look half bad. Either way, it’s better than it was. Adding some color or fun to a room is always a help. Plus – now we can hide the toilet paper!

How to do this The Proper Way:

measure from the middle of the sink basin to the floor and subtract half an inch for swing.

Buy fabric at this length. Hem all fringed edges.

Buy velcro tabs. Glue one half to sink and its mate to the fabric. (Gorilla glue will work for heavier fabrics but you’ll need some elbow grease to get it off again)

Hang and enjoy!

The Easy Way:

Find old scarf, sarong, or fabric around house. (If you don’t have anything to re-purpose go to shop and get pre-cut fabric longer than what you need, you can always cut it at home for free! If you’re cutting the fabric you will need to sow or glue the top and bottom)

Get your tape and slap that puppy on!

Then when the landlord comes you can show him how easily it just peels off.




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