My Eye is Dying: An Eyeliner Review

I probably wear more eyeliner than anyone else born this side of the release date of Joan Jett’s I Love Rock and Roll, so my quest to try every single eyeliner out there (preferably black) is always a go. Today, I tried the free liquid/pencil that came with the May 2012 issue of Company.

Take 1: I opened mine to find that they had forgotten to put the brush into the tube which meant that I couldn’t apply the liquid AND the liquid had been free to roam about the tube and ruin the eye pencil. My friend Amanda is visiting from the states and she had also purchased the magazine so we tried again.

Take 2: Hers opened fine and had the proper brush etc. So far so good. She applied it and found it to be dangerously watery. Dangerously watery isn’t simply hyperbole here, first it smudged everywhere due to its inability to dry. Then it crept into her eyeball like the blob. Her entire eye was tinted black and she was screaming “my eye is dying” so that’s when I knew this was going to be my first negative review. Never before has my product addiction made me consider installing an eye wash station in my house.

20 mins. into Operation: Save Amanda’s Optic Nerve we had washed, eye dropped, and cleansed her eye – only to then discover that the black ink had formed long gross strings that she could pull out of her tear duct with her finger. I also noticed that the eye liner was made in China, I’m never sure where I fall on the ‘All make-up made in China is full of chemicals and tears and should be banned’ parade but in this case it did add a bit to the concern.

I would give this a DO NOT BUY. It made a mess, smelled very odd, and attacked the eyeball like the Andromeda strain.


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