Girl with Gadget- The iPad Review

I have an iPad! I’m so excited for my new little darling, I’ve synced her with my iTunes and have named her Hatshe after Hatshepsut, my favorite Pharaoh. It’s an iPad 2 with Wi-fi and I got it to be used to read and write school stuff, travel with massive textbooks, word process (yes it’s a verb now) at coffee shops, and generally substitute for a laptop since this one is in its diamond years.

How it lived up to the hype: For reading books it’s perfect. There is no E-ink which I thought would bother me but there are enough light settings that I can read it fine. The only draw backs are I miss feeling the weight of how many pages I have left in my hand, and it’s a bit too easy to buy books. I find myself spending a lot more on books now that I can instantly get them and not have to waste precious shelf space. The space saving aspect is amazing. As a grad student I have to read tons and am often traveling. EVERYTHING, including my notes and dissertation in progress, is on there. Packing for home will be much easier and moving into an itty-bitty Manhattan apartment will also be much lighter lifting.

Taking notes has also been easy. I like being able to type, although the internet can be a distraction. But it’s also nice to have a professor reference an article and then instantly retrieve it. This also helps when you forget to read an article he recommended for you. Opps.

I’ve also been writing most of my papers on it. The spell check is better than on my laptop, the auto-correct is awful, especially since buzz words aren’t in there so for an anthropology student I had to do a lot of re-writing which is hard when taking notes, but since turning it off and simply spell-checking later my own writing has improved and it works fine. Typing on the screen is an odd angle for the wrists so I just broke down and bought a 15 quid keyboard. It’s Bluetooth which is AWESOME but I’m not thrilled with my model (the bottom weighs less than the iPad so it shakes and tilts and the space bar is pathetic.)

When it comes to the iPad I’d say its love. There is no USB drive or Disk drive so that means you do need access to a laptop/desktop somewhere, there’s just not enough memory. But now I mostly use my laptop for internet surfing and movie watching.

iPad is a BUY!


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