Influenster… A Work in Progress

I’ve been interested in the beauty boxes since they first came out and the Influenster VoxBox caught my eye because it was gloriously free. I was going to wait until I moved home for good (they don’t do it in the UK) but seeing as it takes forever to get started I figure my mother can just forward me the products – if I ever get any.

How VoxBox works: You create your account and build a profile, the most important part of this is to unlock badges. Basically, you fill out quizzes so they know what you’re into. I live in a city, study digital technology and communication for a living, run this blog (and soon a channel), enjoy beauty products and food, and spend a decent amount of time finding cool places to hike as I travel around, I also tend to be a bit GREEN and ORGANIC. This means I’ve been able to unlock a number of the badges (Outdoorsy, Green, Foodie, Cosmopolitan, Beauty, Uni, etc.)

I think it may be hard for some people and I STILL am not sure if I’ve actually qualified for any boxes. There are a number of vloggers who LOVE their Influenster status so I figured I’d stick with it. It’s more work than just the reviews I’d expected I’d need to post, and the products are mostly edible it would seem. But hey it’s free. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes to become eligible.  I’ll keep updating this post to let y’all know how it goes!


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