Double Covet: Nina Ricci Perfume and E. Arden 8 Hour Cream

Perfumes are one of those things that are fun to buy but never used up. No matter how much BCBG Star I dumped on myself in high school I never ran out. Now I’m frantically trying to work my way through L’Occitane’s Jasmine (which I only bought because of the fun compass inspired bottle and it’s very cheap price tag at the outlet) so I can get back to the more expensive perfumes by Floris (Amaryllis for winter) and Kenzo/Tocca. I’m always on the quest for the perfect vanilla scent, something that smells like your hands after needing pie crust but that isn’t childish or over sweet. I also hate grapefruit and everyone just loves to mix vanilla and grapefruit. Nina Ricci’s Fantasy is made up of cherry blossom, rose, vanilla, and brown sugar notes. I hate rose also but when well mixed its hard to detect. It comes in a cute white apple bottle and is playful in a manner that does not require crayons.


I’m also coveting the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour creme. This I haven’t gotten to try but I’ve heard wonderful things. People tend to overlook E. Arden as one of their grandmother’s beauty products, but if it works it works. (Plus, my grandmothers both made it through those golden years with some tight epidermal layers so if it worked for them…) The company just launched a fragrance free version, which also excites me. How many products can I wear that all have a different scent? (This is also the beauty of a vanilla based perfume. It’s super easy to find vanilla or cherry blossom shampoo to match, or just the smell of soap goes nicely.) I think I’ll save up my Boots points and use them on this seeing as the 25 pound price tag will almost double when I return to American and then will most likely scare me off.

To the Shops!


One thought on “Double Covet: Nina Ricci Perfume and E. Arden 8 Hour Cream

  1. befrankdogood Post author

    I’ve also just come across Lolita Lempicka – all of their perfumes sound amazing (Couture Black and Lolita Lempicka (self-titled) have vanilla and Forbidden Flower has Absinth and Violet) and buttery and I want them all. For some reason they’re also in Apple bottles… teacher appreciation day?


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