Covet: MAC’s Matchy-Match Cosmetics

Once upon a time women in cream dress suits, sensible heels, and matching gloves roamed the earth. These women were put together and stylish, they never pulled a blouse off the floor to give it the sniff test before putting it on and they all owned some thing called an iron. These weren’t your mother’s fashionistas – they were your grandmother’s. The trends of the 40s and 50s were set-up by the glitz of the 20s and the grime of the 30s. They’d already had depression, prohibition, Fitzgerald, and war.

If being unkept and free is the rebellious aesthetic of a generation kept in cages, what of the flappers? Those who spent their 20s in a stupor only to come to in an era where no matter how hard they worked they could not get ahead, what were they to do? Well, they would go shopping of course!

If the best way to boost our nation’s economy is to get thee to a shop than a new national wardrobe is just what the doctor ordered. Fast forward nearly 100 years and we’re here again, having slipped from the conservative 50s into the wild 70s, the acid 80s, the grungy 90s, the high-fashion naughts, and now the anything-goes-someone-give-me-a-job-I’m-so-bored-and-sick-of-living-with-my-parents tens. We have a recession, war, a lack of positive cultural icons, a complete change of life (Humans have grown as a civilization but not since the switch from nomadic to settled life have we changed worlds, enter the digital world where we live our lives  not in hours but pixels.) and as a people we’re just kind of all over the place. The 80s are back they say… so are the 90s, the 20s, the 50s, and the ‘future’ look. I’m waiting for hoop-skirts to start parading down fifth avenue. We look back because there is always some comfort in the past, we know how things turned out for the beatniks and the greasers and, in the end, we like to think it all worked out for the best.

The idea of wearing shoes that matched my purse never appealed to me. But why would it when my contemporary icons were Britney Spears and Destiny’s Child? Celebs whose “put-together” look was a neon mono-chrome jumpsuit with matching scrunchies.

MAC’s plan to match nails to lipstick is monochromatic in a classy way. Yes, I’ve watched their mono-faced tutorial suggesting you use hot pink blusher on your lips, eyebrows, cheeks and where ever else you can manage it. (Which I thought was very Hunger Games). This look is unrealistic for most of us – those who are unemployed and always looking to make a good impression, even if the artist/model did pull it off smashingly.

I like MAC’s fashion sets look mostly because it can go nicely with any look, I can put on a flapper dress, wake up the next morning and get into a cowgirl inspired outfit, then change into my LBD for night and my make-up doesn’t need to change. So, if anyone wants to offer me a job interview, I’m ready. (Even uploaded my CV to my iPad).


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