New TV Shows to Look Forward to

It’s that time of year again, our favorite shows go into hibernation and the networks bring out the B-role. These shows are packaged like tasty little amuse-bouche. Something to tempt the palette before they make the decisions as to who gets a full season. Lately, none of my favorite shows have been making the cut (Love Bites and Friends with Benefits I’m looking at you), but I’m always holding out hope for a new favorite show. There are about a million so I’m going to pick my top 10 and only the NEW shows – so no lawyers, doctors (ok I cheat here), or desperate housewives unless they shock me. I’m also going to use actor’s or director’s names instead of show titles since those are most likely to change and it’s easiest to follow them on IMDB this way. Get the full list on Hollywood Reporter.

1. Notorious – why it is called this I’m not yet sure, maybe it’s a Cougar Town situation, maybe the studio execs never saw the movie about B.I.G. or realize that this is where the minds goes, the show follows a cop who goes undercover as a maid’s daughter in a rich community to uncover the murder of a beautiful heiress. The twist – she grew up in the community (and has apparently gotten a hair cut and had a Sabrina moment) and the victim was her child-hood BFF.

2. Christopher Mintz-Plasse is going to LA (and just when it was recovering from the havoc Entourage created.) and kicking off an IT career but partying all the while.

3. Lucy Liu will oddly play the Watson character in a Sherlock Holmes derivative, I’m intrigued, and it takes place in NY :).

4. I’m lumping these together as I have a feeling only one will survive. Three period pieces to choose from – an 1890s NY hotel drama (Shonda Rhymes so expect hot men and lots of crying) and a 1960s Denis Quaid vehicle about the sheriff of Las Vegas (did someone say Las Vegas? Where is Josh Duhamel!?). Finally, we’re also going all Oregon Tail with an 1840s Ethan Embry show.

5. – 7. There are a number of celebs I’m excited to hear from again. Martin Lawrence playing a newbie cop (a little Martin meets Big Momma’s House?) and Brie Larson (I’m still hoping US of Tara will somehow return to us) Kal Penn and Nick Zano team up in a Trading Places sort of deal (both good looking so it can’t be a waste of DVR space).

8. Justin Kirk is set to play a vet with a fear of humans – which means he’s off Weeds? Does that mean he’s the one who got shot in the season finale? If he jumps in front of that bullet to save Nancy I’m gonna be pissssssed.

9. Marcia Gay Harden will become the show mom of a teen with magical abilities, finally a show that doesn’t ask us to accept that the parents don’t ever ask “hey honey how was the mall? Why are you home at 3am with  a broken arm and demon blood on all of your clothes?”

10. Whoa, blast from the past Kristin Kreuk (Lana from Smalleville) has a new show! And it’s Beauty and the Beast

My mom will love this but I’ll be terrified: Kevin Bacon is going after a ring of serial killers and the mad man who controls them all.

Honourable mention: Mindy Kaling (the Office) is playing a quirky doctor, I’m really over doctor shows, but let’s face it she could make stirring soup funny.

Quizzical mention: I’m a bit flummoxed by the new show Gotham. It sounds like what I’ve been imagining in my head since I was a kid so I’ll definitely watch but isn’t that a Neil Gaiman novel? A “little” book called Neverwhere where London below is a magical realm based on London Above? It’s exactly the same, except for the accents and the taxi colour.


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