Suyes! (Sorry, that was dumb). I absolutely love SUNO and am so happy that clothing like this has come back in style. While being the only girl at my college to have a brocade fur-trimmed trench coat did appeal to the rebel in me, it was hard to find matching pieces or to replace it once I’d worn it out. I may have finally found a replacement with SUNO’s paneled trench. I love the structured shoulders, paneled front, and double sleeves. The fun print would make next winter a lot more fun. And it’s currently on sale! Yay shopping F/W in the S/S.

Off to their new S/S 2012 collection for a looksie… hmmm… black and white… random florals…ummm… wholly skort Batman! There is a skort in their collection! The last skort I wore was kelly green and it had Girl Scout patches on it. This one is MUCH cuter and lacks the elastic waistband. There is a bit of extra fabric so from the front it looks like a wrap skirt, it also has a cute little tie up top which hides some trouble areas. The back, which let’s face it is why skorts went out of style, looks pretty accommodating to a healthy posterior. The belt accent keeps the top flush with the body and there are pockets – thank goodness; the flowiness continues around back as does the illusion of a skirt. A new way to wear a comfortable classic and not look too casual? I think so!

I’m also crushing on their two tiered skirt. It’s cotton so it’ll be airy but still has a little extra fabric so as to be flattering. I wish there was a Barney’s nearby. I really want to try this on, I think of those 5 min. as store-mediated ownership.

This is only the second year Suno debuted F-S collections and already they’re making serious waves. Their promise to use patterns created and originated in the cultures we aesthetically admire (most of their clothes are made in Kenya by the same people whose ancestors designed the vintage patterns the collection originated from) has set them apart in the tribal trend. Rachel Bilson is a fan. And that is one little fashion vixen I would happily follow into a wardrobe.


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