Covet: The Shops at Target

Back when Target first began stocking designer pieces, like Proenza Schouler and Rodarte, I would mark my calendar for every new collaboration, then things went a bit downhill. Fabrics were horrid, seams were off-kilter, and even the designs felt like boiled down versions of the originals, as if us mid-price-point shoppers couldn’t handle real fashion (which was unfortunate as the prices kept going up). Pretty soon I couldn’t afford the items, nor did I want them. Really, I was buying a name and I really didn’t even get that since they make sure to emblazoned Target everywhere as well.

I gave up for a while, previewing the collections online and always being disappointed that even if I did love a piece (like Zac Posen‘s red convertible dress) it was no doubt not carried in my Target.

Being across the pond this is all sort of a mute point now, there are no Targets here. I got to see what friends bought at the Jason Wu collab. and while everything was very nice I wasn’t too jealous as the same high-necked sun dresses and structured hand-bags are for sale at Primark. Everything is first lady suitable and Michelle Obama has set the new standard for work appropriate chic wearing a lot of Jason Wu’s creations. His mix of blues and whites is amazing as always and the trench coats are gorgeous (although I do have a very similar one from Brooklyn industries). Then I look at his Spring 2012 line and it’s just so amazing I can’t even speak. There are 100 ways to incorporate that kind of grace and shine into the mainstream collection so why is Target styling us down?

Never-the-less, I’m still excited about The Shops at Target. Glutton for punishment I suppose. This will feature clothing from The Webster, home by Privet House, make-up from The Cos Bar, and then randomly candy and dog accessories from The Candy Store and Polka Dog Bakery respectively.

Privet House looks like Anthropologie on steroids, they have a curiosity shop appeal, so expect leather suitcases, drip candles, and a few things that are avocado coloured and a bit creepy. Gosh, that sounds like my apartment. If old barns and run down asylums scare you this may not be your thing, although there seems to be a promise of re-purposed vintage books and highly-stylized mirrors which can be incorporated into any home.

The Webster, a luxury boutique in Miami, is a bit 80s, very Florida, and jaw-droppingly expensive. They carry celeb favs like ACNE, Balmain, and Barnabe Hardy – of course they will be carrying over their eye and not their designers so I suppose this stuff will all be of their own design??? (I haven’t found much about the products online beyond some boring Target-made videos saying how great these companies were, humble pie will not be sold.)

Cos Bar, where the ski bums go to glam, carries every desirable make-up product you can think of. Which seems to be the idea behind Shops at Target, a system overload.

If Privet House can maintain a price point under Anthropologie I think they have a very good chance of being a permanent installation in Targets around the US. Can’t wait to see the previews on these collections. Sorry this article wasn’t as thrilling as I’d hoped it would be when I set out writing it. There’s a hush on the new line which comes out May 6th so maybe I’ll post something then.

Happy Shopping!


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