TV’s ‘The Finder’ – a Surprising Source of Style

I wouldn’t really have expected a murder mystery to be a hot bed of fashion but Fox’s The Finder has surprised me. While Geoff Stultz and Michael C Duncan run around finding specific objects that always solve murders and assorted mayhem the women around them dress with ease and adorability.

A particular favorite is Willa played by Maddie Hasson. An orphan parolee she lives in a trailer on the property and works in the bar, she has managed that perfect yes I magically smell great and look gorgeous but really I slept in this and just throw on my boots in the morning and go. Her chunky braids always sit against her head with ribbons and trinkets imbedded inside – I don’t even know how you would do that. She almost always wears the same pair of jeans, a light washed denim that she cuffs just above her boot tops, and some variety of tank of peasant tees.

Finish all this off with enough jewelry to make it hard to raise your hand above your head and you have ‘orphan parolee casual’ and its gorgeous. There re enough pale pastels to make it sweet but its rough and tumble enough to suggest she’s not just another pretty blonde on TV.

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