Quat? The trick to straight hair… or is it?

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I recently purchased Lee Stafford’s new shampoo Poker Straight for a bit of a laugh. I have naturally straight hair and usually just use a blow dryer for a pin-straight look but this intrigued me because of its funny sounding ingredients and magical nature. Legend (or the bottle) says that hair follicles have a negative charge which attracts QUAT and this forces hair to straighten.

I began using it Monday and noticed no change off the bat, I didn’t blow-dry my hair and tied it up a few times so this led to a bit of waves as usual. I definitely felt some extra quat in my hair especially around my scalp, wasn’t a fan of that. By Thursday I got a lot of complements on my hair – my favorite was “wow your hair is so wavey I love it”. While the quats didn’t straighten my hair it did add volume and make the waves look good.


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