The Finals Effect

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My head hurts, my hair is splitting, my polish is chipped and my bum has fallen to sleep from sitting in the same position for hours. My friends are in similar states of decay, we’ve turned into the tomb vampires from Vampire Diaries – without blood we’re just mummified versions of ourselves, T can’t move her head to one side and S ate an entire loaf of bread just to avoid studying.

Post exams it’s time to get our shine back so we’re off to the semi-annual Pizza and Polish party. A more grown up version of the slumber party it includes the culinary classics of pizza with a home-made twist, pajamas, OPI, and drug-store facials.

The Shopping List

Soap & GloryHocus Focus Lotion, revives dead and dull complexions, can be added to your foundation for some highlight or just rubbed over the dark spots

MAC’s Myth Polish and OPI’s glitter polish – love the new take on a classic nude, and a quick coat of glitter makes it a lot more fun

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil – the best thing for my hair after a long period of neglect, brushing it with a rounded soft brush after putting in the Oil keeps it from being too oily

Pizza – classic dough can be bought or made, everyone brings a topping, I’m bringing brie and rosemary!


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