Dream Travel Plans…

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I read somewhere that your body starts decaying after 22. You loose bone density, skin collagen, and who knows what else. At 22 I said “ah that’s not true. Shush.” At 24 I say, “ah! what’s happening to me? I have a grey hair already? My friends have stopped trying to goad me into bungee jumping and now try to lure me into book clubs?! How did this all happen so fast?” So as I travel around Europe I find myself spending more time in cafes rather than bars, strolling through country lanes rather than cliff diving into frigid waters (ok maybe a bit of strolling through frigid waters but it’s really cold here). To force myself out of my funk, and to take a hopeful stance on my future financial position, I have created a travel plan for the next ten years, the plan being to do all of my adventure-cations before I’m 40.

To start with now, 2012 at 24 years old move to London and travel around Europe. Check.

2014 at 26, travel to Australia to stay with friends and scuba dive

2015 at 27, travel to Japan, eat sushi, maybe see those dancing snow geese, get a Geisha make-over, finagle a short trip to Angkor Wat, Cambodia at the end of it.

2016 at 28, Machu Picchu, hike, hike some more, opt not to do the really scary fall to your death hike they offer you at the end, hike, eat some chili chocolate

2018 at 30, Egypt, hope it lives up to the mythical proportions it has taken on in my mind, hope that by 30 my expectations are more reality-based, ride a camel, get spit on by a camel, see the valley of the kings, see the valley of the queens, swear i like the valley of the queens better for the sake of feminism, touch a pyramid, see tut’s mask, stalk Dr. Hawass, be transported back in time for an epic adventure. Take a day trip to Petra, Jordon.

2020, at 32, India for Holi Festival. Ruin every article of clothing I own, make friends with an elephant, see a tiger on safari and ONLY on safari, drink chai and try not to be disappointed it isn’t a chai late, buy a sari that is so revealing I’ll never wear it once I get home

2022, at 34, hike the Navajo Nation, eat fry bread so I can’t hike anymore, see how far up a dune I can get, try to take some Peter Lik worthy shots and fail wonderfully

2024, at 36, Iceland for the Northern Lights, stay in the overpriced ice hotel, sit in some Icelandic mud

2027, at 39, Take a cruise to the Galapagos, play with tortoise and finches, and from there down to Antarctica, be cold,


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