Clashing patterns

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To say that I’m not sold on the new trend of clashing patterns is an understatement. The entire concept threw me and then when I saw it on models I still said “Eh. You don’t match. Like at all. Even if you are a Nylon cover girl.”

I never match but at least I don’t dress like I’m five, and when I was five I decided my personal style was to wear every single nightgown I owned to bed and to my mother’s dinner party. They said it was cute then, but now it would be very Mother Bates. Just when I’d decided to scrap this trend I came across this Dorothy Parker quote which gave me a bit of perspective on the matter.

“A little bad taste is like a nice dash of paprika.”

While I’d interpret this into my wardrobe as a sensible dress in a single outlandish pattern with neon green cowboy boots I suppose that isn’t so different from clashing casual. Parker is one of my favorite writers so I’ll have to yield that when dressing yourself not only should you take off the last thing you put on a la Coco Chanel, you should never put on two matching items at once, lest you be boring and everyone knows more lives are lost to being boring than being dead.


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