Covet: Demi Lovato’s X-Factor Dress

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I’m absolutely floored by Demi’s dress for the X-Factor press event. It’s a stunning colour and the spider pattern is subtle and a bit of a secret. The dress looks good on a healthy human body which to me is a real design success. (Britney Spears looks awesome too but the dresses were a bit boring for her, where are the Circus days?)

The dress is by Falguni and Shane Peacock whose 2012 collection looks ripe for the red carpet. If this is how the husband and wife fashion team debut I’m excited to see what comes next. Already stars are picking up the shorter than short edgy but bedazzled pieces for various events (Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Fergie). While these are some hot numbers they are a little hard to wear to let’s say the office leaving party.

But they reminded me a bit of the interesting cuts and strappy accents on dresses curated by Moose Limited. While still on the higher end of the price budget ($80-$200) they are a bit more wearable if you don’t have a film premiere to go to.

The black below is pretty simple but the sleeves are awesome, very Buffy the Boring Dress Slayer.


One thought on “Covet: Demi Lovato’s X-Factor Dress

  1. Elheese

    I just spent the last half hour looking for who made Demi’s dress. It is that fierce and of course stunning. Fashonistas want to know the designers. 🙂


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