The Glass is Half Empty – This is a Good Thing

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Call me late to the party but I just discovered ’empties’ vlogs. For all those as bewildered as I was, these are Youtube videos where people film the products they loved and used so much they’re now empty. A little weird but I got into watching it and immediately realized how cheap I am. So many of the vids have lippies half-used, foundation that just hit tin, or shadow with product still around the edges and people were tossing them out! I hit tin on a MAC shadow about a year ago, have now dropped and broken the rest, and am using it as a powder. This is not empty!

I also started thinking about my own empties. The only products I’ve ever re-bought were Body Shop body shea butter, Rose Bud lippy salve, Covergirl lipslicks in Daring which is a gloss but looks like a red lippy you can wear all day, Aveeno SPF face moisturizer. And I couldn’t afford it a second time, lack of gift card/ coupon, but I LOVED Diorshow mascara. I don’t use waterproof but this was amazing, never found anything this good and I’ve tried.

I guess the closest would be the green eye shadow I bought, a MAC in an emerald green and a Stila in chartreuse. I have hazel eyes so I thought green would bring out the green, but turns out I have amber eyes and the green clashes with the gold and I look washed out, so those go to my green-eyed sister.

I did just learn from a video that if you return six MAC lippies you get one free! I’m not sure if this is true everywhere, but it gives me a goal!

Happy shopping!


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