Very Plane Attire

Ten days before I leave for a trip I begin to refer to myself as a jet-setter. Sure it’s quippy and maybe a tad ironic but I still feel a rush that this title can refer to me at all. Eight days before a trip I begin packing. Six days before I begin planning my outfit for the plane which generally consists of my small-ish carry-on, scarf, leggings, nightgown that I pretend is a dress, two pairs of socks, and a pair of boots I can easily slide off. Then, three days before the trip, I decide I need an entire new wardrobe for the 7 hours of sitting in coach. I mean, this could be my big break, I could sit next to a one-with-the-people hipster actress, she can tell me my shoes are fab, I can tell her I’m a writer and BAM! At the very least I’d like to look nice while a complete stranger feels my lady parts with the back of her hand at security (I always beep, always). Of course buying a plane wardrobe is a little silly since you feel so gross after the flight no matter what you’re wearing, and at some point you feel dumb wearing stilettos to teeter to the bathroom, where those $300 pumps get splashed by blue toilet water anyway. The solution to this was clear. I needed to go shopping to buy the all time best classic and eternal plane attire I’d wear until I was grey and old.

Scarves – I like giant over-sized scarves (got a great tribal print one at Primark) since they can double as a blanket or be bunched into a pillow – or if they’re big enough both! L is Liberty of London and R is Urban Outfitters.

Dresses – American Apparel (R) dressed make for good basic dresses but can be a little skimpy. Karen Millen (L) and Anthropolgie also offer some good plain dresses, jersey is best since it isn’t supposed to wrinkle as much. 

Boots – I always wear my boots so they don’t dominate my suitcase. I adore these Balenciagas (L) although I’d fall on my face, these Comptoir Des Cotonniers flats (R) are more my speed. 

Although be aware your feet swell in flight so go for one with a bit of room of give. I once flew wearing my oh-so-comfortable Minnetonka moccasins and by the end my feet felt detached from my body.

Backpack – There are so many adorable duffels and totes with travel themes, vintage appeal, or the egg-shell elegance of Grace Kelly before she boarded a jet to Monaco, however if you have to walk around an airport for three hours killing time, run what can sometimes be miles to get to your gate, or waiting in passport control for eons these beauties lose their appeal. (Secret added bonus – the wheel whirrrr when you run with it so if you’re booking it to your flight people can hear you coming and move our of the way).

Baggallini is great because it’s small, keeps things where they should be, and can roll or be thrown on your back.

Bags aren’t hard to customize and its usually best to do a bit of re-decoration for the sake of baggage claim. I’m thinking I’ll do a DIY suitcase at some point. This way your bag is as pretty as the designer bags but as functional as you need it to be. I did do a bit of reno on my backpack, just a regular Jansport I got for like five bucks off-season at TJ Maxx, then I got patches from everywhere I’d ever traveled. It’s cliché but I love it and people love looking at it.


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