Coach Event + Goodie Bag!

Last night was the Marie Claire hosted grand opening of Coach on New Bond Street and well dressed people sipped champagne amongst the seasons hottest trends. I was on hand to covet the goods (which are much more expensive in London than in New York, interestingly I found out that in London Burberry is seen as a cheaper brand than Coach). I desperately want their new Field Bag in brown leather –

– but at $495 it’ll have to wait.

The evening was awesome, Marie Claire put on a good show. Endless champagne and wine, mini hot dogs and hamburgers (there was a New York theme on the food). Pureology was offering hair consults upstairs but the line was out the door within ten minutes.

There was 20% and a few people did seem to be scooping up small products like clutches and wallets but overall the emphasis was on chatting and having fun, building brand relations if you please. They definitely did that for me. I already loved Coach in high school but their new leather line is sophisticated with a splash of trendy, and really just perfect for all of the Coach fans that have now grown up a little. Don’t get me wrong you can still get a heart and CC embroidered bag if that’s your thing but I’m a sucker for the brown leather.

Now for the goodie bag! We were pretty excited about this, and they didn’t disappoint.

Inside the pretty little bag was a set of Pureology hair care, shampoo, conditioner, volumizer, which I am eager to try. A credit card or photo purse, a hair clip, two bag hooks, and a nail polish (which came inside the new issue of Marie Claire). All together the lot was worth 80 bucks. I’ll review the hair stuff as soon as I try it!


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