Jung’s Personality Quiz WIN

A friend just had to take the Jung personality quiz for a job interview, of course I took it too and was initially offended. Apparently I’m an unthinking, introverted, judgmental intuitive. Sounds pretty awful right? Until I read that it makes me a Rational Mastermind. YES! When do I get my lair? Can I choose the location? Which super-hero, referred to by Jung as an Idealist, is going to hunt me down?

While my super sonic death ray is being built and mounted on sharktopus (I’ve named him Duke Topu) I think I’ll stay with some friends; who else is a cold and heartless, calculating, maniacal GENIUS???

Mr. Darcy, Benjamin Franklin, Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton, Hannibal Lecter, Jane Austen, Susan B. Anthony, C.S. Lewis, Angela Lansbury, Darwin, Einstein, Hawking, Disney, Lincoln, Bill Gates, and Napoleon have ALL been rated as Rationals! (I’m pretty sure The Brain will pass the test and fill out our fold nicely… Pinky can come too… you never know when there’s a tight squeeze or an impromptu modeling job.)

Apparently I have the super power of thinking of everything that can go wrong and counteracting it… Oceans 11 here I come!



1 thought on “Jung’s Personality Quiz WIN

  1. younglifeperception

    INTJ is basically the sibling personality of mine. I have ENTJ as my personality type and we are both by nature coordinators. In other words, we prefer to have things arranged and organized in a way that we choose. ENTJ is more able to effectively convey meaning but the INTJ is more equipped to look deep within the self to make adjustments as necessary. The ENTJ and INTJ are most likely to come up with a plan to conquer the world per say. The INTJ is excellent at formulating fail proof plans whereas the ENTJ is excellent at mobilizing people and getting the ball moving on the plan.

    It is very important to realize that no personality is better than another. Although it may seem like some are better than others, it only seems this way because of the behaviors that society chooses to reward. Every personality brings certain strengths to the table and the most common personality only represents about 10% of the populations. This leads me to the conclusion that every personality truly is rare and that everybody is truly unique and different. Thank you for posting! Good luck on your INTJ endeavors!


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