Summer TV or How I Procrastinate

Thank goodness! Summer TV is finally here and it couldn’t come quickly enough. I’ve been going a bit coo-coo trying to fill my time and had even resorted to getting work done! This week ABC Family kicked off Jane By Design, Pretty Little Liars, and Melissa and Joey, so I thought I’d post up a few of my thoughts.

Pretty Little Liars was the most anticipated for me as they’re starting up the second series. For those who are TV fans but not books fans, there were 2 series of PLL. One that ended with Mona being unmasked as A, then, just when you thought it was safe to keep secrets in Rosewood, they did a re-boot and created the A conspiracy. I won’t go into spoiler territory but I really hope they change the show from the book. First of all, since we know that they didn’t change the first series we have little hope they’ll change the second, so where’s the suspense? Second of all, I thought the second series ending was lame. Like Sookie turning out to be a fairy lame. Sounds all good in theory but in practice it’s all ‘eh put Switched at Birth on instead?’ But aside from the theoretical, PLL still pays out where I want it to. Lotsa mystery, and they’ve uped the creep factor a lot which I love. Emily realizing she didn’t wander out of the house, she was taken and thrown in someone’s trunk – brilliant. Last season’s ending with the dolls and Emily’s emotional breakdown at the death of Mya was great TV.

Biggest shockers – The hair. This show has always been extension central and I actually took a picture of Aria the last time I got my hair cut. I always loved her style the most because everyone I know is spray tanned with high-lights and she shows how to look good with dark hair/eyebrows and light skin. Now they’ve chopped of her locks and lightened her hair considerably also she lost like half an eyebrow (two halves make a whole so does that mean she lost an entire eyebrow? Dali images in my head now of an eyebrow just running off her face). I suppose this needed to happen (she’s also dressing differently) since she and Prof. Lolita have decided to make things public. (Did you really see that going well? She’s your 16 y.o. student, and you’re shocked her dad wasn’t thrilled? I’m shocked her dad didn’t murder you. Hear that? It’s the sound of a gun being cocked and A isn’t holding it.)

Hannah also cut her hair and while it looks cute I still miss the long hair. I mean I just got my hair past my shoulders! Long hair can’t go out of style yet, I refuse. I’m really liking Hannah’s style this season, ok it’s one ep but still true, it’s funkier than usual and Aria’s always the one having all the fun (her black and red harlequin dress last season OMG love). Emily and Spencer are the same as always, preppy and beautiful. (It’s not called ugly little liars now is it). The men are also looking pretty darn good. They’re really just there as eye candy and I usually watch thinking cute shoes, nice pillow case, great abs Toby! Also glad they found a way for Mona to still be in it! Love the cray cray mama!

Jane by Design threw me a bit. If all of these obstacles come up now (her ditching school, turning down promotions at work to be a teen, her and her bff almost getting together) where is there to go later on? Also I totally thought Andie MacDowell was gonna be her mama or aunt or something, but if she gets with the Nick Jonas doppelgänger of a nephew, I’m guessing there will be no relation. Unless ABC Family goes incest and I would honestly not see that coming. India cut her hair, another sheep following the herd to Bob-land. (I think I’m bitter.) I hate that Ben is lying to his girlfriend even if it is for his baby sister. Jane shouldn’t ask him to do that. Just quit high school. It’s called a GED, you can buy it on the internet.

Finally, there was Melissa and Joey. I don’t know if anyone else watches this but they should. It’s like watching two old friends (Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Blossom) get together in their thirties. It’s also really funny and a little raunchy. So while I don’t have a lot to say about it, I do think everyone should watch it because I’d be sad if it got cancelled and I spend enough time crying in the school library as it is.


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