How Not to Dip Dye Your Hair

Some people call this ombre… and on some people it kind of turns out this way but my hair decided not to get the fade out look and just went solid halfway down. I watched the vlogs online, I was a bit lazier about it as A. I’ve bleached my hair before B. I’m an adult who can only ruin her own crap when this all goes array (my land lord would disagree but evs he’s rude) and C. My hair is long and if it burns off it burns off.

My hair is black which makes it a bit hard to dye. Usually I stick to colorful extensions and braid them in, it works ok and if you’re at a club no one notices or cares. I’ll have to go back to black in three months when I get job serious but until then it’s purple time!

Step 1: Strip that ish! I bought Jerome Russell Bblonde hair lightener for medium/dark brown hair. I thought this was a good idea because on the back it says in bold NOT RECCOMMENDED FOR DARK HAIR, and I thought this was a little dramatic and wanted to prove them wrong. I’ve left it in for 45 mins. then went and rinsed it out, and re-applied to fix some streaking (It says Med. brunettes leave it in for 60-90). This will make me warm blonde… excellent it’s been rather chilly in London.

You get a packet of powder bleach (looks like what I use to wash my clothes) and a bottle of cream peroxide. MMMMmmmm yum smells wonderful, not at all like you’re drowning in death fumes. I was going to wrap it in tinfoil like the professionals do but it says nay metal! all over it so I wrapped it in a trash bag. It’s supposed to keep heat in or something?

Then you’re supposed to condition it (conditioning shampoo) to “revitalize” but instead I’m dumping purple dye on it yay!

My hair is dry and cracked, my ends r a raspberry blonde… Honestly I should have paid for it.


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