Olympics – Athletics

Today was an Olympic day! Yay!

Cait, Siobhan, and I headed down to the Olympics village with American flags in tow to cheer on our decathlon and high jump champion. We somehow managed amazing seats, 13 rows back, which came with the added bonus of sitting in front of someone who had been at the 1948 Olympics. The village is huge and it’s a slow meander from the tube to the actual arena, the basketball stadium is a 45 minute walk, it was a beautiful day until you sat in the hot pocket like stadium with the sun beMing directly onto you. So OFCOURSE we had to go shopping and got some t-shirts and hats to protect our jellyfish complexions from the sun.

The men’s 4x 400 relay heats were the most exciting (honestly because they were the easiest to follow) and the crowd worked themselves into a frenzy unprecedented for the English.

Cait and I earned a few stares and comments with our crazy cheering but Ashton appreciated it and gave us a nod on his way out. (You know you’re obnoxious when you can be spotted in a crowd of thousands – but two full sized American flags and high pitched screams will do that I suppose. My apologies to the man in front of me.)

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