Celeb nail kit

This month Celebrity nail polish lines have me all mixed up like a 1980s hamburger telephone cord.

When this trend started I jumped on the band wagon full throttle but now the overload has left me feeling a bit hung-over.
It was one thing when a celeb had one polish or a movie had a couple of shades and that was the only movie the polish brand endorsed for a while, but things have gotten out of control. This is most evident by the lack of great colors in each set. My Shrek OPI “ogre the top blue” is a unique shade of marine but the Mariah Carey OPI “A butterfly moment” looks exactly like my OPI “second honeymoon”.

OPI has done some course correction with the second half of Carey’s line which contains liquid sand, straying from unique color to unique texture. This is similar to Ciate’s matte polish and lips but with grain. While that trend feels a bit fem-bot for me the textured nail has taken off from glitter to all out architectural creations. Ciate’s caviar nails are awesome and geometric patterns keep the trend going even without bulky nails.

Ciate’s creations have also brought back the matching nail and lip. Deborah Lippmann’s “Midnight Confessions” is my covet of the week. ($38)

Lippmann has also brought sets from True Blood and Girls offering blood curdling (or is that curdled blood colored?) nails and lips and character specific shades defining our favorite twenty-something New Yorkers.

And for my kvetching I’ve felt an unbelievably desire to buy everything on this list. NYC ballet came out with a super cute line of pastels and I went nuts on the James Bond line (INDIANA JONES PLEASE) of which “the living daylights” was the coolest polish I’ve ever owned.
And while my friend N would never spend $18 on a polish or like the colors offered up by Lippmann, she already wants the $45/4 set.
Which brings me by a tangent toy second covet of the week – Deborah Lippmann’s “ray of light 3D”. It’s a radiant blue with small holographic crystals and if I were a celeb making a line this would be all mine.


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