Winter’s must-have : Parka Parties

Going to college on the Hudson River taught me the meaning of a cold winter, it also taught me how stupid people can be ie never wearing a coat to a club. Yes, it’s a pain to bring and ruins an outfit but pneumonia is never sexy either. As NYE looms ahead my friends and I have been busy prepping our schedules, from concert tickets to crazy outfit coordination. I’ve decided on a purple Victorian Romeo&Juliet dress paired with some black owl wings I happened to have in my closet. The problem is integration of a coat. I already planned on a matching purple UniQlo heat tech shirt and some lavender heat tech leggings, but now the UniQlo fae having seen my dilemma, in their always fashionable wisdom, reigned fairy dust down upon my closet to produce a parka that is not only warm but wraps up into a small clutch which I can easily tie to my bag or throw on my wrist while in the concert and then unwrap on the long and frozen walk to the subway! All hail UniQlo and a new year without need for chicken soup.


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