To Lippmann or not to Lippmann that is the question

I have a Midnight Confession : I went ahead and bought the $18 Deborah Lippmann nail polish I swore I wouldn’t because it was too expensive but it doesn’t count if you have a gift certificate right? To be exact I got the lip and lacquer duo ‘Midnight Confession’ which has both ‘Bitches Brew’ lacquer and ‘Under a Spell’ lipstick. The lipstick is hands down amazing and I think it’s the best one I’ve ever had. It’s moisturizing and a perfect nude pink which is impressive since I bought it on a whim. I will definitely buy it again although the set came with full sizes so it’ll be awhile before I need it.
The Polish: I put it on and lived the color. The deep maroon is exactly like my BFF’s polish from Harmon ($4) but she needed three coats and I didn’t. The lacquer also has a unique shine and my mother said it makes a more dramatic statement than most polishes. With one coat it lasted two days before it chipped. I’m road-testing it now two coats and a top coat and on day two after a sink full of dishes and a lot of clickity-clacking on a keyboard it is pristine. While the polish is awesome and I already want to buy the holographic ‘Ray of Light’ I would say it is still a bit pricey even if it does make me feel like Greta Garbo.


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