Covet: souffle dishes for a small kitchen

I am obsessed with Paper Chef’s baking cups made from parchment paper. They come in two sizes – Tulip (small) and Lotus (Large) – and are only $3 for 12! They’re perfect for dinner parties or eating alone. Quiche for one s’il vous plait. I like to make frittata mix the night before, throw it in the over when I awaken all groggy and confused, and by the time I emerge from the shower I magically have a real breakfast I can eat between applications of mascara and still get to work on time! I think their intended use is big parties – I have more than ten friends but no more than three plates – but there are perfect either for cooking individual portions or for keeping food warm in the oven as you wait around for that always late guest. Plus they’re much cuter than paper plates! Now I may actually have to learn to make a chocolate soufflĂ©… My last excuse is gone.

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