Trend Alert: Steal your Wardrobe from TV!

There is a delightful aura around the carefully selected and delicately worn fashions of television darlings – the effortless chic of Carrie Bradshaw or the improbable boldness of the high school dress on Pretty Little Liars. Television is a realm where sick days are couture and stilettos never hurt but most of all it is a land where all of the fashionistas magically have time to learn and shop for the latest trends. It is a place most of us would like to live, but alas, in our world the day lasts only 24 hours. This is why the brilliant minds at have arranged a helpful little e-commerce store dedicated to curating the cutest items from your favorite TV shows. We can now log on and rip our outfits straight off the starlet’s backs. We’ve seen the formula before in blogs such as Possessionista but ShopYourTV gives us an extra compulsive push with a naughty little buy it HERE button. And while the website is a bit reminiscent of it doesn’t require you to sign up (free on SeenOn) or wait for blow-out sales. Surprisingly, a lot of the items are rather affordable (although they tend to sell out very quickly). The Carrie Diaries stocks dresses under $50 – such as Mouse’s Sparkle and Fade floral dress from Urban Outfitters, $39 or Carrie’s backpack, also Urban Outfitters, $34. The idea of shopping off your television may have sparked a new trend of apps and blogs but it has also forced show’s creative staff to think twice before putting their cast entirely in Dior. Of course, they shouldn’t worry about it too much, what’s a fashion website without a few splurge pieces? Every clothes-horse has to start somewhere and most of us began coveting our neighbor’s Birkin. The web-shop also provides you with your fill of Elizabeth and James and A.L.C., such as Happy Ending’s Alex representing a $162.50 blouse by A.L.C. Gillian. While ShopYourTV may not have a mobile app just yet, their website works perfectly from the iPad.


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