Blizzard DIY – upholstered seating

There’s no leaving the house today if you live anywhere in Nemo’s path so it’s the perfect time to work on some DIY. I love my turn of the century arm chair but the seats a bit too low for my desk and the back has some damage in need of hiding. I also happen to have some beautiful French poodle towels from Home Goods that’s have been in neglect since I moved home. A perfect pair! I’m a believer in Hippocratic DIY (do no harm) so there’s no sewing here and since this chair is TOC it’s held together with dowels (wooden pegs) and there’s no way I’m trying to take that apart and Linkin Log it back together. Instead I used the largest towel and wrapped an old pillow up like a present, securing it in a few places with safety pins, I then used a hand towel to circle the back and hide the flaws (scotch tape keeps it from sliding) – also safety pinned.







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