Jo Malone-athon

Jo Malone London has some of the best scents around and comes in at a reasonable $60 a pop, which is much cheaper than your average high brow cologne. I stopped by the shop recently to check out their new line of tasties – perfumes based on dessert! While I wanted to lick each one off my body they smelled so good (think fresh baked gingerbread and gooey chocolate cake) I went with Elderflower and Gooseberry, the least sucrose of the bunch, which smells like vanilla, gin, and baby powder. As if I wasn’t excited enough about my new perfume (which my sister adopted as her official wedding perfume) the ever gracious hosts offered up a whirlwind of free samples in fairly good sized travel atomizers! For the next 12 days I’ll be test driving each scent and giving the low down on the concoction, and how it smells after a few hours. For those unfamiliar with Jo Malone one of the main selling points is the clear and honest scent scape in each bottle. Her vanilla smells like vanilla from the bean not like the sticky chemical enriched nonsense in so many soaps.

Here’s a run down of the scents I’m testing – in no particular order:

Nectarine Blossom and Honey
Blackberry and Bay
Red Roses
Orange Blossom
White Jasmine and Mint
English Pear and Freesia
Vanilla and Anise
Lime Basil and Mandarine
Amber and Lavender
Pomegranate Noir
Wild Bluebell
Nutmeg and Ginger



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