Vacation Packing: A Suitcase-Sized Covet or What I Should be Wearing

It is time for summer holidays and graduation parties, which of course means new clothes! Although I’m saving my pennies for the wings needed to get to my graduation I figured a little fantasy shopping at Piperlime couldn’t hurt. Just please don’t let me click BUY.

A long night spent high in the sky is nothing with my iPod tuned into The Black Keys and my body wrapped up tight in a flea market blanket scarf. As the lights start demanded seat belts and tray tables upright I slip in my contact lenses and do a mental checklist, what ever shall I wear?

Nothing could be more glamourous than waltzing off a 747 wearing white jeans and a sparkling tunic, oversize tortoise shells hiding your sleepy eyes, and maybe a cute pilot slipping you his number. This Mara Hoffman shell top at Piperlime is divine and won’t constrict during the flight. It is also easy to stow in your carry-on, then slip on before deboarding, if you fear wrinkles.

After freshening up I’ll be off to meet with the girls for some brunch and champagne, kiss kiss, I’m dripping in emerald. This Sabine maxi dress is grand but entirely wearable with my burlap Tom’s. A low heel will be essential in whatever touristy-but-posh eatery we end up in. Maybe a nosh at Harrod’s or Selfridges?

Oh dear is that rain? Time to throw on my sublime Theory leather jacket. Who cares if it gets wet? I mean, it only cost the same as my plane ticket.

After all that hard work, and tireless shopping, it is time for me to grab that diploma. What to wear?! This is a real tough one, I want to honor my UK alma matter with this preppy punk dress from Rebecca Minkoff, it is plaid and corseted!, but I also love the English garden party meets all-American Georgia peach in this Black Halo frock!
It’s settled I’ll stick to my hard rock Marianne Ravenwood roots and go with this Robert Rodriguez minidress in black baroque! Perfect for the girl who did her dissertation on Tudor portraiture no?


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