I Love the Nightlight

I like to collect night lights, or any lamps that gives off very small amounts of refined lighting, but I don’t like anything that feels very juvenile. I’ve gotten around this in a number of ways.

The photos run a bit out of order, sorry, it’s rock crystal lamp with reflection of lanterns in background, Ikea club lamp and Turkish lantern, then my clock and scarabs.
1. Think club-worthy. This lamp is from Ikea and comes with a double mount, it can stand upright or be mounted as a chandelier, the small LED pellet bulbs give off small amounts of light and because their scattered their numbers doesn’t increase luminosity. It is made to be moody but in a very adult way.

2. I bought my amber droplet Turkish lamp in Europe so I knew I’d have to rewire it anyway. When I did I used a socket that demanded a very dim bulb. Now when I turn it on the bulb makes the glass glow but doesn’t actually provide much light.

3. For my lanterns I again used very dim bulbs. These lights are the easiest to customize and re-wire.

4. My clock light is one of my favorites. This clock has been in my family quite awhile but I don’t like having clocks that tick near my bed (studio problems) so I don’t wind it. I put LED faux candles in the bottom so that it can act like a light and serve a purpose.

5. Candles! I love candles but in a small space I never mix scents, nor do I like to lights a lot of flame, so I can only burn one at once. Instead I buy the faux candles which work best in deeply colored holders so you can’t see the plastic. If they flicker the effect is very similar to real candles. This is also a great option if you have a teen who wants candles in their bedroom.

6. Rock crystal. I think these actually are night lights, I’m not sure of their intended purpose, but I absolutely love their glow. Plus they ionize the air which is great for asthmatics!








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