Summer Lippy Rundown


From left to right, my new summer favorites – making use of the coral trend without abandoning my favorite red or a pinky nude for day/work.

Vivid Rose Maybelline – this color can be worn full on and vibrant or patted down to a subtle intensity. Great for day time parties.

Covergirl jumbo gloss balm 2332 – I’d call this a nude coral if there can be such a thing. It’s not too crazy not too plain.

MAC cream sheen of royalty – this is extremely pale and turns the whole idea of nude lips on its head. Admittedly it is a bit hard to wear but looks nice with a colorfully lined but shadowless eye.

Clinique chubby stick super strawberry – this is a natural flush and it covers so smoothly it acts as a moisturizer!

Deborah Lippmann under a spell – this pink is so deep it’s almost a red, maybe a worm Scarlett, but it goes on with a shimmer that keeps it in the day-to-night family. Great with smokey eyes.

Nyx in rose – this is very pink and very shimmery, almost like a grown up summer gloss. I like to wear it around the beach for a flushed and young look.

Cover girl passion 215 pencil – This sits nicely between a coral and a red for me so it makes a nice transition if I’m wearing red at night.

Maybelline ruby star – in the winter I always wear MAC amplified heartless which is a blue red just right for fair skin. This red is very close to that one but with a dash if pink and a smattering of shimmer that provides a little change up for the summer time. The shimmer also makes the lipstick look less heavy so it’s not a strange combination with windswept locks.


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