Slinking into Summer (cause the pollen count is too high to sprint)

The weather is officially on the warm side! I’m popping my Allegra, opening all the windows, and heading to the shops for some flesh-bareing duds.

My budget this season is a whopping $150!
Trends I’m searching for and where I found them:

Tropicana Cool – crazy florals or even more up to the minute – leaf prints!

Little lacey dresses. The idea of a cut-out sounds nice on a summer day but I would never ever wear something displaying half my midsection, nor the flank of my back, or anywhere really, these little lacey eyelets are so small they are airy and fresh but I can still say I’m totally dressed.

Hard core sandals. Flip flops are great at the beach but running errands sometimes I feel like I’m in danger of flopping onto my face, as a die hard boot wearer 90% of the year I want something that’s comfortable and sturdy but not hideous.

Hard core Cool accessories. My studded leather jacket is about to be tucked away in the confines of my closet for at least three months, my combat boots have already been boxed up, my leather cuffs will become torturous once the summer heat rolls in but will my wardrobe have to lose all it’s bad-ass behavior? No way! My tropical prints can be edged up with a chunky belt and maybe an explorer’s vest, going more Jungle Jane than summer with grandma in Boca, my lace dress will have hard silver accessories such as mid-sized door knocker and a chunky chain. But in lew of my motorcycle jacket I’m looking to add another constant, a bag or shoe that still holds the edge I enjoy.

What Gatsby? The twenties trend has been pretty intense for the past few season, and since its usually scooped up in the form of a party dress its been alive and well throughout every season. I already own two completely fabulous limited edition Dorothy Perkins (UK) flapper dresses and I wouldn’t add anymore since my life isn’t that fabulous. (I still haven’t found a way to make these work appropriate…) Now that the film is finally out I think people will branch out their 20s
Inspired fashions to include the preptastic yacht-wear. I don’t usually play on the side of prep but it is kind of the easiest choice – it is always appropriate. This year I want a light weight loosely knit white sweater for those crisp night on the beach. Wearing neon underneath takes it away from Bayside cool and loading on the jewelry also hardens up those soft lines.

So what’d I buy?

H&M Eco-friendly maxi dress – $20! A maxi dress on the beach feels pretty luxe and at this price you won’t weep when you get suntan lotion on it.

Blue and White lace mini – TJ Maxx – $25. Ok I can’t honestly call this a suggestion because its from TJ’s and the odds of yours having the same is slim, but this is proof they exist and can be affordable. The original price on this was $45. Old Navy also has a line of eyelets for under $40 that are pretty adorable.

Brown leather sandals – Born $30. These were on sale and they didn’t list the original price, they are probably at DSW. Born’s are insanely comfortable so they’re worth good money but they go on sale a lot so I wouldn’t pay full price.

This bag isn’t a name brand and was $25. There are tons of studded bags this season and if you have the lust for it it is crazy easy to buy a cheap bag and some studs. You can glue them on with jewelry glue and it will take 5 minutes or if you want to keep it for more than a season you can go all out and pierce the fabric with proper studs.

Forever 21. I know I can’t believe I said Forever 21 either but bear with me… This is not your high school Forever 21. Ok you still need to dig, their sizes are wonky and their shoulders are incredibly narrow on the more structured pieces like jackets, also if you’re plus size the section is laughably small and all the pieces don’t seem to come in the smaller sizes (which sounds like a silly observation but if you’re in a small town with only a Forever 21 at the mall then everyone knows the clothes you’re wearing are specifically plus sized, not really a draw, but this could be only the store by me). However, their stuff is nice and super on trend and cheap. So if you want a pleather mini skirt you can get once for under $40 and then regret it and not have to fret over spending several paychecks on it. I got the white cable sweater here for $20. I get so many complements and no one can ever believe it’s from F21 (because it’s not a sparkly tube top – which they don’t even seem to sell anymore!!!!).

Grand total – $120!
I’m sure I’ll find something for that $30 I have left over… Perhaps a Derek Lam for Kohl’s bathing suit top… I got everything I wanted pretty cheap and it covers a large array of wants. From beach to boardwalk I’m covered.

In other news I have recently learned Uniqlo sells shorts that are not up your business… This may be old news but if you don’t love short shorts here ya go! They’re in cute colors too!




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