Body Shop Birthday Haul!

The Body Shop is having another one of its fantastic sales and since I’m nine days away from B-day time I went a little nuts!

Shea Body Butter 13.5 oz! This thing is huge and may last the rest of my life. The plain is my favorite scent since I don’t like sweet (the vanilla is nice too). This stuff is super moisturizing and the best of all the body butters. It’s also all natural and fair trade like everything Body Shop.

Brow and liner kit. Not very exciting but this powder is good for filling in sparse brows ad since you get two shades (a light and dark in the same family) you can adjust your hair color and not have to re-buy.

Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask and Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream – I did a survey on their site that suggested this for red and combination skin. I’m exciting to try, will re-blog when I do!

Madagascan Vanilla Flower Mist – I love vanilla but I always want something that smells like cooking vanilla and not fake plasticy vanilla. This is the closest I’ve ever come and while it still has some powdery notes it smells delicious. the actual perfume was a bit too powdery which is too bad because it had the pretty image on the bottle in a nicer way.

Indian Night Jasmine – I love L’Occitane’s plain jasmine scent but it can be a bit heavy for warmer months and casual days if you close your eyes this fragrance is light and clean enough to transport to a moonlit beach in Goa. A plus is these two perfumes smell amazing together!


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