Sephora Birthday Haul!

Continuing on my crazy shopping spree I visited Sephora and bought a couple of pricey favs I’d been coveting.

Nars Dragon Girl Lip Velvet Matte – ($25) i love the color, texture, coverage and name but this is exactly like my Covergirl one (ie my vs. post) although much fatter. Generally its bright and sort of a red coral, perfect for summertime!

It also goes perfectly with…

Nars blush is Orgasm.
I’ve wanted this forever but it is $29! But now I’ve lost my freaking mind and gone and bought it and I love it. I usually wear MAC cubic satin which is sort of a light pink/taupe so this is very different. It’s sheer so it is easy to tone down the intesity, cute flush for day or crazy neon for night.

Being a totally ridiculous person I bought my third perfume of the week (which is maybe my tenth perfume of my life) Tokyomilk/Dark has a new line in awesome black bottles of which I want them all! $36. I got Bulletproof which is smoked tea, coconut milk, crushed cedar, and ebony woods. Weird and spicy so I’m into it. Also it mixes well with my new vanilla! May need to buy Arsenjc too…

Sephora mascara Outrageous volume. $15 I just got Revlon Lash Potion and hated it, brittle – clumpy – dry – tarantula lashes yuck! So I replaced with this but havn’t used it yet…

Because I got a mini Benefit They’re Real mascara for free! Yay birthdays (also got Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter which is nice but I never use highlighters). The Benefit mascara is amazing I love it and will defs re- buy.


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