From London to Infinity: Weekend trips in Europe

You’re going abroad yay! You need to plan weekend excursions oy!

Being able to travel Europe on a relative shoestring is overwhelming if you have been no where and want to go everywhere. To top it all off every trip is probably only three days! I’ve compiled a list of the best weekend trips taken by me or my friends during SA. (Also check out my 24 hours in post here and on Posse for more info!)

This is almost mandatory. Not my favorite city but adding that Eiffel Tower pic to FB is a right of passage. The Louvre, the gardens, the food. Paris is so famous you don’t need a guidebook to enjoy it.

This city doesn’t get a fair shake on the best cities in Europe. It is a lovely blend of culture, beach, and cuisine. Sip sangria and dance through siesta! Best in summer.

A weekend trip to this country (you know all about Casablanca) is an easy journey from Spain and gives you a taste of Africa with open air markets, camel rides, and desert tents. This is one destination where a guide is worth the expense (use STA or Contiki) as they will know how to navigate tariffs and cultural demands.

Prague – beautiful spires, Beatles tributes, and amazing jewelry shopping (amber and garnet reign here all at a fair price).

Rome – the Vatican, pasta, and a drive to Pompeii. This city can be mighty guide book-y but is still beautiful.

Venice – one of my favorites, especially if you can do Carnevale, get lost for hours roaming canals, discovering hidden churches, drinking cappuccino in outside cafes.

(If you’re east of the foggy…)
Visit London!
I may be a bit biased but… This is the best city in Europe haha! I love London and aside from the obvious tourist musts there’s shopping at Portobello, swimming at Hampstead Heath, and drives to bath to be savored.


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