How Things Work: Kindle Paperwhite

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Kindle Paperwhite which I got as a travel alternative to my iPad. I love it! My dad had a first gen Kindle and is rather jealous.

Before You Buy…..
Pricing can vary. I went cheap and for $119 got wifi with ads.

Ads or no ads was a big question since it equates to another $50 (the cheaper Paperwhite has ads aka “offers” – nice spin job there Amazon…). I decided to save money and get ads after I read a negative review saying that even without “offers” he still got recommendations which are really just targeted book ads! I can’t say I know for sure this is true but I saw a screen shot and honestly his ad-less screen looked a lot like my ad-plus screen. The ads are small and only on the home screen, not worth $$ to skip. I’m waiting to see if they pop up in the books as a break page- not yet.

Packaging was nice but not waterproof which seems stupid. Also this $119 device does not come with a power wall adapter – stupid. (sorry to start negative these are really my only complaints!)

Set-up. At first I was confused by a lack of instructions (maybe I’m just old) but once you plug it in and turn it on there’s a set-up wizard which is good for newbies but annoying because you can’t skip it and most people already know the Aa in the toolbar means font…
Still very easy set up, most is already done for you.

The option to see the “bones” of your book is pretty cool for lit nerds. Gives you character bios and which chapters they’re prevalent in. (hint hint school projects).

The device really requires no set-up other than signing into a wi-fi network and your amazon account (if you bought it from your own account it’s already set-up and you just accept!) which reminds me – books go to your Kindle immediately after purchase so if your getting this as a replacement watch your whispernet delivery setting in the 1-click buy box, this isn’t bad you can get it resent it’s just a tad confusing I was yelling at my iPad for a good two days before I realized…

To add books from the cloud (I have an iPad and am now adding a Kindle so I already own a number of books) you just press the image and it downloads. Very simple.

Nit picks
The screen feels like paper so the swipe motion feels awkward but I may just be too used to an iPad.

When adjusting the back-light it says to lower it for dark room and raise it for light ones, I think this is backwards. On the lowest setting it really looks like paper. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the light since the brightness of my iPad was one reason I didn’t like to read on it but this adjusts great and the light can be bright enough for night or off completely.

Win column
The “bones” section and the rate of reading are pretty cool features. Rate of reading tells you how many minutes are left in the chapter based on how fast you read.

It is crazy light. Can be held and page-turned with one hand.

Reads well in direct and dim light.

Not horribly expensive – you don’t fret about traveling with it.

Long battery life.

I kind of like the ads since they’re for books and Amazon does samples which I think is great.


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