DIY Dresser Tip of the Day

I’m finally going to have time over the next few weeks to finish a few DIY projects I’ve been ruminating over for a while. While I’m tackling a difficult upholstery/paint job first, more on that to come, today I’m talking about my childhood dresser makeover with a few important first steps.

I’ve just unpacked my old dresser and stuffed all of its contents into the new one. What I’m trying to decide now is A. Does my stuff fit, B. can I arrange it in a usable way (all pants in one drawer all shirts in another not scattered about), and C. Is the dresser truly in good enough condition to make-over. I can already tell it will require a lot of sanding to improve the drawers but I’m not sure if that will fix the very difficult middle drawer or if it is too warped to ever function properly. Also my things fit but barely, and I was expecting extra space but really misjudged my old dresser’s size. I’m going to use it for a few weeks and then decide if its worth the approximately eight hours it will take to sand, prime, decal, and finish it the way I want to.

This is a good idea for pieces that you’ve purchased as well. Even though you’re not going to decide to scrap it, the reality of a piece may relegate to another function and certainly a less intensive design.


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