Review: Jimmy Dean D’Lites

I’ve been seeing commercials for the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches for awhile and wanted to try them. I got the turkey sausage, egg white, and cheese on croissant.

First off I was a be surprised by 13 grams of fat, that seemed like a lot for something with lite in the name. It’s under 300 calories and it’s turkey and egg white so I assume the fat comes from oil? I replaced the slab of frozen cheese with weight watchers squares which cuts about 4 grams of fat immediately.

I want this for morning I don’t have time to make breakfast and the microwave directions would have me standing there readjusting every 30 seconds – not happening. I put it in for one minute then put on the cheese and did another 30 seconds – all on full power and it was hot and tasty. The flavor is good and not too greasy (but greasy enough to fill a craving).

Based on the fat content I wouldn’t start eating these every day but if I’m in a rush or craving something greasy these are a really good freezer standby; especially considering your average deli sausage, egg, cheese on croissant is almost 550 calories with 40 grams of fat!


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