Me, Meade, Moorish Prints

As Sheldon Cooper pointed out in The Big Bang Theory Renaissance Faires are anything but historically accurate. What he failed to notice was that from a design perspective they offered up some pretty enticing ideas. Every year my friends and I go to our local Ren Faire, partly for tradition and partly for the frozen bananas, we also refuse to dress up and then immediately feel boring and lame for being the only ones without elf ears. While lobe prosthetics may not be on the catwalk this year it is easy to embrace the whimsical au natural ease of forest folk and meade wenches.


Old school chain mail – Steve Madden Shiney Sandals $99 (at Macy’s)

Lady of the forest – Forever 21 Boho Doll Shift Dress $29.80

Friend to the animals – House of Harlow Talon Cuff $85

Renaissance princess – House of Harlow Electric Charge Cocktail Ring Red $55

The queen’s jewels – House of Harlow Kaleidoscope Fingerpick Necklace $88

Travel in layers – H&M Patterned Kimono $29.95

Etsy MetalStudioThailand


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