Organization Tip of the Day: Bento

Jewelry is a pain to organize. I want it out so I can remember each thing I have and will wear it, I also want it hidden and stowed somewhere safe in case a party guest has sticky fingers. (People steal what they want not just what they can sell so if you love a $1 plastic brooch put it in a safe place. Weirdest thing I’ve ever had stolen was a DVD case – they left the DVD. This is especially true in a college dorm where someone may play drunken dress up and forget to give it back.)

Jewelry boxes either take up a lot of room or you buy one of those organizer things that just turn into carrying cases for thieves. I have four jewelry boxes but since I like everything separated I’m constantly out of room. The idea to use bento boxes came from a restaurant that actually called them ‘jewelry boxes’ and served up brightly colored noshes in each square. If you have an unused drawer (or a deep drawer you can create a double floor with a piece of plywood then just lift the wood up and glory there’s all your baubles) line up a few boxes and augment with ring props and bracelet cylinders. Happy happy!


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