Flights of Fashion: Packing for London!

Packing always fills me with joy, not only am I going on holiday but I get to play wi all my clothes beforehand! Then it hits me, I have a teeny suitcase and the majority of packing is finding mini tubes of toothpaste that haven’t expired. While I laid out my dresses and cardis weeks in advance its down to the wire and I still don’t know what to wear on the plane. I shun jeans because for some reason they always make the machines go off. On my last trip S and I wore the same exact Old Navy skinnies and only mine rang the sensor, I’m cursed. Usually I wear dark leggings and a tunic (dress) which seems fancy but feels like a nightgown. Unfortunately, I’ve tossed all my leggings in a spring clean so what can be left?!

Uniqlo, which is slowly taking over my wardrobe, has come out with a pair of ‘jeggings’ (more jean than legging btw) that has an elastic waistband *gasp*. They fit a little tight and low for a plane ride, but so far these are the best options I’ve found. Paired with a long army green tee from Target and running sneakers I think they’ll work just dandy. The en-route outfits are always the hardest since the passport line and turned into a bit of a runway but you want to be comfortable for a 7 hour flight.

What else I packed:

2 maxi dresses – a Ralph Lauren boho dress, an H&M sustainable tropical dress
2 short day dresses – white hippie Forever 21, blue lace TJ Maxx
Button down – H&M LOGG… The wrinklier the better!
Uniqlo jeggings in burnt umber
Moto boots Forever21
Pink grosgrain Flats Toms

Not pictured
Skull tank, 3/4 cardi from Forever 21, Tights – Uniqlo and Charlotte Russe



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