A Flighty Face: London Beauty Packing

Packing up all your makeup for an international flight is one of the biggest pains of travel. It changes dramatically with each kind of trip – the European sightseeing haul, the Amazonian jungle trek, the Caribbean leisure holiday, or the Event. Generally all of the above can be taken care of with a simple fresh face and an absence of extreme makeup but this time I’m going to London for an event – my graduation – and I want to look nice, which means actual makeup. By far the most makeup I’ve ever packed here’s the list:

Stila Written in the Stars eyeshadow palette. A relatively small palette is good since it houses both neutral and statement colors. The pots are often very small and this makes them harder to break.

Cover girl Aquasmooth concealer. This works as an all over concealer:foundation and because it is a solid you don’t have to fear a spill. I may buy a small drugstore foundation when I get there but I never pack foundation it’s too much of a clothing killer.

Sally Hansen shadow base. Again, a primer that is a solid.

Korres cream blush. My favorite blushes are Nars and MAC powders which means they’re expensive and breakable, this cream is really nice and packing proof! (bonus points for packaging).

MAC eyeliner in Industry – this steel grey is perfect for days when you don’t want to load on the black liner which makes it great for events without time to reapply. No need to guess which eye is bigger!

Cover girl lip perfection gloss balm – enough color to add pop but balmy enough to stay off your teeth and in your lip line.

Yves Saint Laurent radiant touch eye concealer. This is liquid so I carry it on but it really hides tired eyes and if your sightseeing or trying to visit every friend in your destination you’re going to be tired!

Jo Malone perfumes – one of my favorites they give great samples (see my summer series reviewing all the scents!) in mini automizers which are perfect for travel.


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