RTW: How Possible is it?


These numbers are no joke. I’ve always wondered how a RTW would work, after all if I’m doing it I’ll want to go pretty much everywhere and do pretty much everything. To be honest I always thought a RTW was a bit excessive and after following a few RtW blogs I wondered how these people felt about their trip five years later. Their savings were gone, they had nothing to look forward too and could afford nothing, their career was off track, their kids were pissed. I couldn’t understand why you’d try and take this trip in your thirties instead of waiting until you could afford it in both the short and long term, what would Suze Orman say?!
The first thing I notices in my research was that RtW rarely stands for what I think it should. RtW airline tickets can have three stops and many travelers itineraries are really more like London-three months in Asia- Johannesburg-Sao Paulo- California. Sure Magellan would be proud but this itinerary doesn’t take you on an exploration of Earth. You could do the above itinerary in under six months, which means you can rent out your home, take a leave of absence at work (maybe), and it would only cost about $10,000. Now that’s tempting. The average price per day in Asia is only 20 USD. For teachers this trip is especially possible.

But what about my trip? The one that takes you to almost every country on Earth? The one with six different continents, a hundred different climates, dozens of different hostels? Well I crunched the numbers and with a full year and with $50,000 to spare (per person) you can go on one epic adventure!

I added a sneaky $5,000 just for park and museum entry and a few adventurous jaunts like elephant rides in the Amber Forest. This may not be enough… The $12,250 covers daily costs including light drinking, moderate eating, a bit of shopping, and a single room in a hostel. The big wopper is the $25,000 transportation budget.

Sadly, I won’t be booking this trip anytime soon, and I still think it is foolish to quit a good job just to make your adventure a long haul rather than multiple mini trips. A trek through Asia is probably the only exception because the cost per day is consistently very low and of you’re coming from New York the airfare is very expensive so a longer trip does get you more bang for your buck. Sigh* I can’t wait to be a rich retiree.
The itinerary:
Leaving New York
Reykjavik Iceland
Cork Ireland
Dublin Ireland
Isle of Man
Edinburgh Scotland
The Highlands
London uk
Paris France
Barcelona Spain
Seville Spain
Casablanca morocco
Tunis Tunisia
Rome Italy
Venice Italy
Nice France
Munich Germany
Copenhagen Denmark
Oslo Norway
Stockholm Sweden
Tallin Estonia
Prague Czech republic
Zagreb croatia
Athens Greece
Istanbul turkey
Amman Jordan
Moscow Russia
St peterberg
Mumbai India
Golden triangle
New Delhi
Kathmandu Nepal
Madras India
Vientiane Laos
Bangkok Thailand
Phnom phen Cambodia
Angkor Wat
Ho Chi Min Vietnam
Kuala Lumpur
Manila, The Phill
Hong Kong
Chengdu, China
Beijing China
Shanghai China
Seoul South Korea
Tokyo Japan
Papua New Guinea
Perth Australia
Alice Springs Aus
Sydney Aus
Auckland NZ
Wellington NZ
Rapa Nui – Easter Island, Chile
Santiago Chile
Buenos Aires Argentina
Sao Paulo
Rio de Janeiro
Lima Peru
Lake Titicaca
Galapagos Ecuador
Caracas Venezuela
South Africa
Valley of the Kings
Toronto Canada
New York – Home!

(There are lots of other cities visited but these were all the base camps so to speak, with a few exceptions)

Let’s do the Math on your Trip:

Cost per day http://www.rtwpricetag.com/round-the-world-trip-budget-cost-calculator.php
Cost of airfare: http://indie.bootsnall.com/start


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