Chin chin Gin Gin – yeah we’re back!

I’ve returned from London and survived the post-trip sinus infection why is New York still so hot omg why didn’t i stay in London five more days hell.

My return has driven me to drink, luckily i had an Icelandic (yeah I know…) gin on ice which is nothing compared to the slosh i had been so enjoying in London. London the land where even crappy pubs in Covent Garden have Hendricks and no one makes your G&T with Sprite.

For the record my favorite gins are:

Hendricks cause it so cucumberly refreshing
Gordon’s cause it is 15 quid at Morrisons

Fevertree for those fancy nights

Let’s go to the bar:

Graphic – there is a really nice park right out front so if you want to hang out pre or post drink its rather nice and you can watch people get schooled by ten year old prodigies at ping pong. Then you can drink something called a Gold Paint Tin which is a little collegey, basically a fishbowl and will knock you on your bum as evidenced by the extremely loud youths (please imagine Max Greenfield saying that) inside. They also have 180 kinds of gin and a Juniper Club with gin tutorials for free! Pretty cool my friends. Vibe: loud and trendy

4 Golden Square in Soho

Viaduct tavern – this is when things get real. A gin palace turned prison this place gets the historian’s blood going and serves up traditional fare and an awesome G&T. Vibe: after work tipsy

126 newgate street

The Breakfast Club/Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town
This cute diner offers board games at the table and a speak easy in the basement. (There is also a My LITTLE Pony Bathroom!!) Ask to see the mayor and pop down for a G&T in a dark brick room, which is more fun than it sounds.

12 Artillery Lane in Spitalfields

Tour the Sipsmith Distillery
Sadly this need to be booked waaaaay in advance so I missed out, but it is supposed to be fantastic and since they give you sample I’d say its probably worth the trek.

27 Nasmyth street in Hammersmith


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