The grey smokey eye as alternative to black

The moment that smokey eyes began to pop up on runways and in advertisements I thought I was going to be their number one fan. I bought the blackest blacks, the sexiest shimmers, and the perfect brushes and immediately hated it. I’m pale, with large hooded eyes and black hair. One application of anything smokey and I look like a Twilight obsessed four year old did my makeup. My eyes don’t let the shadow take center stage and the shadow turns my eyes into glowing beacons of demonic possession. But I’m determined to make this work and I’ve run through the rainbow and into the gutter. (ok it was MAC)

First up eyeliner- I swapped out my usual Smolder for Industry a dark grey that gives me enough definition but doesn’t come on too strong. I tight lined top and bottom.

Then I applied the Thunder and Rain duo. Thunder (dark grey) went on my outer corners and crease. I also whisped the shadow into a small wing over my outer hood. Then I added a dot of Rain (navy) over the grey for fun.
Frozen Blue (silver) went all over the lid. Finally I ended with a shimmery white to the inside of my eyes to counteract the darkness and draw focus from the intense whites of my eyes.

Mascara in black from Benefit finished off the look!


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